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Since tomorrow is the Fourth of July, you have probably narrowed down what will be filling your cooler and accompanying the celebration in your chilled glass!

Most likely, it will be those usual suspects and everyone will be sipping their personal favorites, and some folks this Sunday will see it as an opportunity to show their patriotism by drinking a beverage that represents the Red, White, and Blue.

That said, if you haven’t finalized the items in your shopping cart for the liquor store and still have grand plans of making that last-minute Costco run, we would like to highlight a not so well known, but historic, US tradition of drinking Madeira under celebratory circumstances.

Madeira has a direct connection to July 4, 1776, as it was used to toast the signing of the Declaration of Independence. On such an important day marking this momentous occasion for the Founding Fathers of your country, they toasted their accomplishments with this deliciously sweet, readily available shelf-stable Portuguese fortified wine. It was an American staple in our country's early days as Madeira wines are preserved with the addition of alcohol and could in those days withstand the hot shipping conditions present on the boats delivering them to the US.

If it came down to it, Madeira could actually be named the official sponsor of the American Revolution and if you check out this prestigious list of places where it was trusted as their go-to libation you would cast your vote for it too...

  • Betsy Ross sipped Madeira as she sewed the Stars & Stripes.

  • Madeira toasting to the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

  • 54 Bottles of Madeira were chugged by our Founding Fathers, at City Tavern in Philly, as they gathered the night prior to the signing of the US Constitution in 1787.

  • George Washington used to drink 3-5 glasses of Madeira nightly to aid his chronic tooth pain.

  • Thomas Jefferson bought 3,500 bottles of Madeira his 1st year as President.

  • Francis Scott Key drank Madeira while composing our National Anthem.

Now that you know Madeira is a solid historical beverage that’s been used to salute Independence Day since the beginning, you can try one out, or you can stick with your Old Faithfuls, but whatever your beverage of choice this holiday weekend, be safe, drink what you love and love who you’re with...HAPPY July 4th EVERYONE!!!

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