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Chances are good that where ever you are celebrating Father’s Day your Dad is looking to light up that grill and break out the menagerie of food items that will get a smokey hint from that flaming rig. And if your Dad is anything like ours he’ll be taking the point at the hearth and will have a few things planned already, but if he’s down for a twist on the usual Q-able fair, here are some ideas to switch it up on his favorites with wine in mind…

Elevate your Pork Ribs with this Sparkling Wine Glaze from Jennifer Perillo at Food 52 who uses Prosecco-based glaze to braise the ribs low and slow and then reduces the liquid to brush on the meat to lacquer them up with a deliciously sticky finish. We recommend using the Just Enough’s Sparkling Pinot Grigio in a can, hailing from California, to add that boozy bite.

This full-flavored deep rich red wine-based BBQ Sauce by Justin Chapple at Food & Wine will have Dad hollering… “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner”. The recipe calls for leftover red wine, but we recommend using a wine that is preserved and drinkable. We recommend spiking the sauce with Coplan Vineyards Red Blend ‘The Chairman’, a classic Bordeaux mix of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon produced in the Sonoma Valley of California.

No doubt, “That is a tasty burger!”, but you’ll certainly need something to wash it down and if you want to try living as they do in Spain, then build a beautifully Grilled Stone-Fruit Sangria by Matt Duckor at Epicurious to quench Dad’s thirst. We recommend basing this fruity refreshing concoction on Pressley Vineyards Pinot Noir made with grapes grown in the Solano County Sacramento Delta region of California.

However you celebrate today, these recipes and wines will be sure to make Dad look like that Master Grilling Champion he’s always bragged he was...MUCH LOVE & HAPPY FATHER’S DAY DADS!!!

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