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“Warehouse Heroes...4 of Mexico’s Best Winemakers in Baja”

On our recent trip to Baja California, MX we had the ultimate pleasure of meeting and tasting with some wonderfully passionate people who humbly make world-class wines in Valle de Guadalupe at a small modest complex of connected Warehouses. Much like members in a garage band, they each use their skill and instruments to make their wines to tell their stories, and express the passion of their trade.

Vinsur - Daniel Lonnberg (Top Left)...Daniel Lonnberg Hume is originally from the city of Santiago de Chile, where he studied Oenology at the University of Chile. After graduating he quickly found a position with Concha y Toro and later, Altair & Chocalan. Encouraged by Jose Luis Durand, a fellow Chilean and well-respected winemaker who had already successfully established himself in Baja, Daniel made the decision to bring his talents to El Valle. In 2005 he was selected by esteemed winemaker Hugo D’Acosta (Casa de Piedra), to become the Enologist for Paralelo. After a successful stint at Paralelo, Daniel turned to consult and has since developed an enviable list of clients including Adobe Guadalupe, Hacienda Guadalupe, Norte 32, Emeve & Hilo Negro. Considered to be amongst the region’s hottest winemakers, Daniel also produces multiple wines under the “VINSUR por Daniel Lonnberg” brand including two outstanding red blends, Cañada de los Encinos and Literal.

La Trinidad - Alberto Rubio (Top Right)...Alberto Rubio, considered to be one of Baja’s top young winemakers. He currently produces wines for established wineries such as La Trinidad & Bodegas F. Rubio, all located in Valle de Guadalupe. Previously, Alberto served several vintages as the winemaker for Baja cult winery, Mogor Badan. His style was influenced by the year he spent in France working at “La Borde Vieille", Hugo D’Acosta's project in the Languedoc-Rousillon. Alberto is as cool as any rock star in music and his wines are hitting all the right chords with the attention to detail he brings to his winemaking practices. Every riff is so well orchestrated and technically sound; his wines are truly garnering an arena’s worth of attention.

Pouya - Fernanda Parra (Bottom Left)...Fer Parra is a Baja native who studied Enology & Viticulture at SupAgro in Montpellier, FR. Starting her wine-making career, as many others have, in the lab, Fer began her ascent in Sicily at Tenuta Rapitala followed by a cellar internship in Burgundy, FR at Domaine La Croix Montjoie. Once her training experience was developed to a high level and she had confidence in her skills as a winemaker Fer decided to pack up and head back to Baja where she worked as assistant winemaker to the “Godfather of Baja Wines” Camillo Magon of Bodegas Magoni. After many years of hard work and dedication to her craft, Fer created her own brand called “Pouya”; an expression of her heritage and affinity to Baja and an homage to her great grandfather, a French scientist who fell in love with the region.

Madera 5 - Victor Segura (Bottom Right) ...Victor Segura earned a Biochemical Engineering degree at the ITESM campus in Monterrey & Guaymas, MX as well as a degree in Oenology from the University of Baja California, MX. Prior to his dedication to full-time winemaking, Victor spent 30 years working in the seafood processing industry. In 2007, as he transitioned away from the seafood industry, he and 4 friends began making wine in a warehouse much like a good garage band where Victor would become Head Winemaker & Partner at Madera 5/Cava Aragon 126 and Las Nubes. He is currently responsible for the production at both properties and overseeing the extensive portfolio of highly rated & award-winning wines.

When the wine tasting concert let out we were so moved by their skill and the performance that we felt as if we were in the front row catching the guitar pics and being drenched by every drop of sweat that was shed putting the outstanding setlist of wines together...Encore, Encore, Encore!!!

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